Water Treadmill


Not to be confused with a ‘dry treadmill’ as they are completely different.  The treadmill uses warm water and offers different benefits to those of the pool and spa.  Patients referred to us with injuries that make them reluctant to weight bear on particular limbs on land, can be encouraged to use their legs on the treadmill due to the buoyancy of the water and reduced joint stress.  It is particularly useful for dogs with poor balance and stimulates proproception awareness.  The treadmill is very controllable and measurable and an excellent diagnostic tool.  We can monitor and record the patient’s progress, due to the glass sides, by video and this can be emailed to your vet to keep them informed of your progress.  By altering the water levels, we can target and work specific muscle groups along with encouraging extension/flexion of a joint which is extremely useful when treating many conditions.